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Who we are

We are an organization that improves the quality of education in Mexico by spreading care to the environment. We work to provide tools that improve the quality of education in vulnerable communities to fight poverty from the root, breaking with the inequity of opportunities in the education sector, through the dignification of public elementary school by recycling.


The ultimate objective of our initiative is related to the quality of education and its correlation with poverty. School infrastructure has a lot of impact on the quality of education that students receive, a student who studies under vulnerable conditions is three times more likely to have low academic performance, and this translates into an inequality of opportunities, which translates into an inequitable distribution of wealth. That is why, when it comes to improving school infrastructure, equal opportunities can be provided, which translates into an equitable distribution of wealth and poverty.

How do we do it?


Our work model consists of three steps:

  1. We give environmental education classes to the children of the public elementary schools and with this, we sensitize the children of the serious environmental situation that the world is living. We give them key actions so that they can contribute to mitigating the footprint of the activities they do every day.

  2. We start campaigns to collect recyclable materials (plastic bottles, paper, aluminum, and cardboard) that they and their families generate in their home and bring it to their school, where we put it in specific containers for each group of material.

  3. We maintain the facilities, painting, deep cleaning, the creation of green areas etc. And in this way, we create decent spaces, where students can have better facilities and therefore the quality of their education improves.

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