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Executive team

Executive Director

Diana Ramírez 

Diana has several studies on climate change, Education on climate change (Inter-American Development Bank), Introduction to climate change (Onu Environment), Children and climate change (Onu Environment). Although she holds a law degree from the Universidad Panamericana, she has several years of experience in the intervention of vulnerable communities from social programs. She focuses every day on spreading the care of the environment and providing tools that improve the quality of education of children from vulnerable communities.

Operational Manager

Damara Ruvalcaba

Passionate about nature, she studied a business administration course at Iteso. Her commitment to the environment led her to obtain a Recognition of Environmental Merit in Zapopan, in addition to the theme of "Children and Climate Change" in Onu environment. She is the mother of three children who want them to live and develop properly. Damara seeks to recycle and reuse all resources through environmental education. In this way, the sustainability of the planet is guaranteed.

Linkage and Project Management

Lily Ochoa

Lily is a multidisciplinary woman who has a master's degree in talent management and a law degree, she is also passionate about caring for the environment and has studies about Climate Change by The One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership. He is convinced that environmental education is the tool that is needed for society to adopt responsible habits with the environment and achieve a sustainable future, in which the environment and the economy do not oppose.

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