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Board of Directors

Lawyer, with additional studies of Climate Change by The One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership, has participated in the development of a plant to recycle plastic bottles for the benefit of the environment. She is a true believer that Mexico can be transformed through education, and also that environmental policies are powerful tools to improve people's living standards.


Federica Figuerola 

Graduated in Law from the Universidad Panamericana, she has a Diploma in management of development projects by the Inter-American Development Bank and climate change course by the UN. She supports that in the eradication of poverty, it is necessary to empower children through quality education and a healthy environment.


Liliana Magaña 

An environmental entrepreneur, who acknowledges the serious problems generated by garbage in cities, She created ecological sweepers that do not need fuel for their operation, the company is ranked 156th in the 500 green companies in Latin America award. Jazmín is convinced that environmental awareness to future generations is essential for the future of humanity.


Jazmín Reyes 

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